WiFi Stick USB Nano

Update your old (or not so old) computer is no longer so painful on the wallet. devolo has announced the upcoming launch of its devolo Nano WiFi USB Stick. This small accessory is connected to a laptop USB port free on your PC (either Windows or Mac) or an ultrabook. Its function is to connect the computer through the AC WiFi protocol that allows us to enjoy a stable and fast network (with top speeds of 433 Mbps). To see this accessory on the market will have to wait until the first quarter of next year. Its price will be placed at 30 euros. We have full details on the devolo Nano WiFi USB Stick.

WiFi Stick USB Nano

If you are not yet familiar with WiFi AC, it is a network protocol that has begun deploying in numerous routers, laptops, smartphones or tablets on the market. This technology works simultaneously on both the bandwidth of 2.4 GHz and the bandwidth of 5 GHz. The first is the wide use the vast majority of electronic equipment on the market. The problem is that it is a fairly congested wide, which is not thought to have many computers online at the same time. In addition, there are appliances such as microwaves also operate in this wide and can cause interference. In contrast, the bandwidth of 5 GHz is less congested and can achieve higher network speeds and a more stable experience.

devolo Nano WiFi USB Stick

The devolo WiFi USB Nano Stick is designed for computers that do not support this protocol (or simply do not have WiFi connectivity). In this field we have desktops, old laptops, ultrabooks that have not been upgraded to WiFi AC … This is a small accessory that plugs directly into a USB port and barely protruding from the computer. In addition, on Windows computers Plug & Play functionality is exploited. That is, you only need to connect and automatically all required drivers are downloaded to be work. In the case of Mac devices, must go to the devolo website for downloading drivers.

Once operational, users can enjoy the benefits of WiFi AC. Of course, for this to be possible it is necessary that also the availability of a WiFi router that supports AC or a system such as the devolo dLAN Starter Kit 1200+ WiFi ac. In particular, the devolo WiFi USB Nano Stick is capable of operating in the bandwidth of 5 GHz at maximum speeds of 433 Mbps. It means that current technology harmoniously reaching fiber networks in Spain. To view the Stick USB Nano devolo on the market still have to wait a few weeks, as it will not disembark in Spain until the first quarter of 2016. Its price is a good news and that for just 30 euros we can update our obsolete equipment WiFi AC

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