Wiko FEVER Special Edition

Wiko Company continues to surprise at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year to present again his mobile that glows in the dark. Of course, there is the Wiko FEVER we met at the end of 2015, but a special edition that still looks both at night, with its glow effect, as in the day, due to its metallic finishes, fabric or wood . Designs to match the user’s personality and appearance, but they are not the only novelty of this “special edition”.

Wiko and relaunches its terminal FEVER, updating its appearance, but also some of its internal components. Most surprising, of course, it is the finish and new design materials. In the end we already knew with metal side, it is now possible to adapt a metal housing for added strength and a premium feel to the touch, a wooden shell that gives strength and elegance, or even a finished fabric with different textures and colors. A design that not only offers a striking finish, but unique sensations when you have on hand. All this without forgetting that its edges are fluorescent and glow in the dark. A mobile designed to attract attention.

Wiko FEVER Special Edition 2

Wiko FEVER Special Edition 3

Wiko FEVER Special Edition

wiko fever special edition

But Wiko FEVER Special Edition has also been updated inside. Something that allows you to take another step on the step of the middle-high-end features such as updating to Android M or Android 6.0. With it, users can take advantage of all the new features of the latest version of Google operating system, with security enhancements and conviction have chances latest Android platform.

Along with this, also Wiko updated battery terminal, which went from 2,900 mAh to 3,000 in this Special Edition. They have also decided to go for the Dual SIM technology, so that users can carry two different phone numbers on the same device, can use this Wiko FEVER Special Edition for both work and staff area. Notably, the terminal now has an internal memory of 32 GB and 16 GB not being equally expandable via MicroSD memory card.

wiko fever special edition

All other features remain the same, with a 5.2 inch screen and full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) to view content at a more affordable size, eight-core processor running at 1.3 Ghz, and 3 GB RAM to give fluidity to the overall operation. About their cameras, still riding a 13-megapixel main and another front 5 megapixel built-in flash.

Wiko FEVER This Special Edition will hit the market with a price of 250 euros in April or May. A cost that has risen 50 euros above the previous edition, and that is clearly justified in the customization possibilities

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