Withings Activité Steel

Many of us were born and raised in the “analog world”, have a hard time to launch the new “promised land”, smart and digital. And this is especially evident in the field of smartwatch, which for some time now tries to establish itself in the new market for wearable. Despite the efforts, however, there are still many users who do not want to give up comfort and style wristwatch classic; no matter how many pixels the screen has, are still many people who do not ever would exchange hands with a display and, for these, Withings launches its third smart analog clock: Activité Steel.
Withings Activité Steel
The family Activité debuted last year, with a first high-end model currently for sale at 390 €, followed in early 2015 by a cheaper version called Activité Pop 150 euro which replaced steel and leather with silicone, keeping But the same technical specifications. Activité Steel instead summarizes the qualities of both previous models: elegant but cheap. No coincidence that costs just 170 Euros and is already on sale at the official store Withings.
Withings Activité Steel loses skin and sapphire Withings Activité but still maintains some detail plastic Withings Activité Pop. But it boasts a stainless steel case, which obviously derives its name, with chrome and silicone strap for a classy look. It differs from the premium model, because it will only be available in a single color, black.

In terms of functionality, Activité Steel is not very different from the two previous models. The clock serves as a pedometer, monitors the quality of sleep and is water resistant (up to 50 meters deep). After combined with a smartphone Android and iOS application with Health Mate, users can choose which tasks show up and have real-time information on daily goals, improvements and calories burned. Health Mate has more than 100 partners, including MyFitnessPal, and provides for the integration of Spotify to be woken up with his favorite song. Unlike smartwatch commercially Withings Activité Steel has a battery, replaceable just like that of the classic watches, which can work for eight months.

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