Wolder Globe 360

Wolder The Spanish company has put on sale the Globe 360, a camera capable of video and take pictures at 360 degrees. To perform these recordings the camera incorporates two 8-megapixel CMOS sensor with f / 2.0 and an angle recording 220 degrees each. The camera includes an LCD display for management and slot for a microSD card as the storage system. It is available on the website of the company at a price of 250 euros. Let’s review the features of the camera Wolder Globe 360.

This year we have a new trend in the technology market: 360 degree cameras. Applications like YouTube are filled with all kinds of content recorded with these awesome cameras. And with them we can record and take pictures at 360 degrees, allowing us to relive the moment in much greater detail than with a standard video or photograph. These videos and photos can be viewed directly on the computer with the browser or the appropriate application, but when more look is when we use virtual reality glasses such as Samsung Gear VR. If you want to join us in fashion and buy a camera to record 360 degrees, you can keep an eye on the new chamber of the Spanish company Wolder. It is called Globe 360 ​​and is now available at the online store of the company.
Wolder Globe 360
The Wolder Globe 360 ​​incorporates two CMOS sensors with a resolution of 8 megapixels, f / 2.0 and an angle of 220 degrees each. These sensors are able to capture photos and video in 360 degrees with Full HD quality. The camera features a 0.96-inch LCD screen to display data for recording or image capture. With dimensions of 60 x 49.4 x 32.7 mm and weighing only 104 grams, the camera is ideal for use as a camera action. As for autonomy, the camera incorporates a battery of 1,500 milliamps which is loaded by a microUSB connector. According to the company, this battery will allow us to record one hour of video with 1080p resolution at 30fps. As we mentioned before, the Globe Wolder 360 to enter a microSD card up to 64GB to store the recorded content.

Wolder Globe 360

The company has also developed its own application so that the user can manage the entire contents of the camera. With the application can view real-time and 360 degrees are recording everything, plus enjoy later in the smartphone easily own. And the Globe Wolder 360 includes WiFi connectivity, which allows you to connect to the smartphone quickly and easily.

The 360-degree camera Wolder Globe 360 ​​is now available on the manufacturer’s website with a price of 250 euros. In addition to the camera, will also receive a small ideal place to hold the camera, bike mount, another stand to place the camera on a helmet and a convenient carrying bag tripod.

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