Wolder Globe 360

Wolder The Spanish brand has just launched its camera Globe 360, compact and sporty style, which can record videos at 360 degrees and can be managed directly from the smartphone thanks to the remote control application for Android. The camera is included within a new product line, VISION, designed for recording and broadcasting of high-quality images and for everyone: a camera that records at 360, another sports-type recording quality 4K, and action camera for children.

Wolder Globe 360

Wolder Globe 360
360 Globe Wolder camera allows video and take pictures at 360 degrees. It is a compact camera with two CMOS sensors 8MP f2.0 and 0.96-inch LCD screen to see live what we are capturing and managing the device.

One of the advantages of the camera is that you can connect to your smartphone via their own application for managing content from mobile. The user can view on your mobile, live and 360 °, photographs and videos that are capturing the camera. You can also access content from the smartphone later, once you have finished the recordings. This connection between camera and mobile is possible thanks to the WiFi connectivity Wolder Globe 360.

360 Globe Wolder app

In addition to WiFi connectivity, the camera Wolder Globe 360 ​​also features a microUSB port for connection and a tray for microSD memory cards up to 65 GB. Adding the components, the camera weighs only 104 grams and transported easily in the sheath including special that includes the pack. In the box a mini-tripod is also to secure the camera during recording.

The camera Wolder Globe 360 ​​will be available in Spain from the first week of August for 250 euros.

In the market and there are other options such as Nikon KeyMission 360, and there is no doubt that the trend will continue to spread.

Micam Elite Xport 4K
Micam Wolder Xport Elite

In addition to the Globe 360, Wolder will also launch other cameras in the same VISION range for users with other priorities or needs in their videos. Micam XPort Elite, for example, is a compact and lightweight 16 megapixel camera and sports and records video at 4K resolution (although it also can be configured to make recordings in full HD at 120fps).

The camera weighs only 76 grams and has a 2-inch screen and WiFi connection to synchronize with mobile smartphone application.

The Wolder Micam Xport Elite is now available in Spain for 130 euros.

Micam 4FUN Xport, an action camera for children
Micam Wolder 4FUN

Finally, it also highlights the launch of an action camera specifically designed for smaller: Micam Xport 4FUN has a 5 megapixel sensor, can record video in HD quality and weighs only 48 grams. It is mainly characterized by ease of handling, and also is sold in a pack with several accessories like bike mount or underwater housing for children to have fun exploring.

The camera is now available for 50 euros.

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