Wolder Wiam 65

Wolder The Spanish company will launch on 14 July Wiam # 65, one of the most anticipated phones of the year. And that is their calling card could not be more striking: a rear 21 megapixel camera (mounted with a sensor Sony Exmor IMX 230) and a front camera of 13MP. Undoubtedly one of the most powerful on the market. The trend of dual flash lands on Wiam # 65, incorporating a dual tone, to give to photos taken in low light of a better texture and depth.

Much more than a powerful camera
But the smartphone Wolder is presented in partnership with more than a high performance camera. It finishes in one body (without removable elements) and aluminum does not confer a more sober and fine finish, but promises solidity and robustness.

Wolder Wiam 65 2

Wolder Wiam 65

Inside you will find a MediaTek Helio P10 processor, a powerful eight-core chip and 64-bit operating with three gigabytes of RAM. Its internal memory is 32 gigabytes and comes with the latest updated version of Android to date (6.0 Marshmallow) version. More than enough to ensure smooth flow demanded by the market as a 5’5 inch screen technology load. This has a Full HD IPS panel and glass 2’5D reaching the 480 dpi (dots per inch).

Its battery is 3,000 milihamperios, a highly recommended to ensure the autonomy of such large quantity devices. It also includes quick charge function that ensures Wolder may be charged 75% of the battery in just 30 minutes. In turn, the WIAM # 65 promises energy efficiency system that can save up to 30% of average battery due to high performance processor mounted (Helio P10).

Wolder wiam 65 02

Time virtual reality
Not only it stops at standard features for smartphone users. Wiam # 65 incorporates the VR Ready, standard equipment to enjoy videos and games in virtual reality system. Watch video in 360 or share on an external device via a wireless connection is also among its added features.

Following the trends of high-end devices, mobile Wolder includes a release function through fingerprint. But with one important variation it is that the sensor is placed in the part of the smartphone. The idea is unlocked by placing the index finger on the camera immediately below the part, keeping more natural to start managing the device posture. The mobile is unlocked after only 0.3 seconds and allows the inclusion of up to five different footprints.

Wiam # 65 also features NFC technology to implement in the device, optionally, a wireless payment linked to our credit cards. And a system of LED notifications on the bottom of the mobile.

For now, the Wolder WIAM # 65 will be available in gray (Grey Pro). Although it will soon arrive in gold (Golden Freezer) and pink (Pink Laser). Its launch price will be 299 euros

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