Woxter Neo VR1

New Woxter Neo VR1 are virtual reality goggles designed to enhance our experience in applications and games. These glasses work with smartphones with sizes between 4 inches and 6 inches, both Android and the iPhone platform. The only requirement is that the phones to be gyroscope (a sensor having the vast majority of phones). These glasses can adjust the focal length to enhance the viewing experience and have magnified lens for viewing stereoscopic images SBS. All this with a design with ABS plastic to improve strength and a smooth coating to make them comfortable to wear in the eyes sponge. Neo Woxter VR1 glasses will be available in the coming days for a price of 23 euros. We tell you the details.

The virtual reality goggles Woxter Neo VR1 are designed to display stereoscopic images of our smartphone SBS. They are compatible with all phones that have gyroscope and having a size of 4 to 6 inches, both Android phones like iPhone. Highly transparent lenses allow us to enjoy 3D images for a more immersive experience in our favorite games in models of all brands like the iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy 6s S6 Edge. To prevent ghosting, the glasses of the Spanish company allow us to adjust the focal length. Its technical features also have a 99% 0% sharpness and color difference from the original images.

Neo Woxter VR1

The VR1 Neo Woxter are available in two configurations, one in black and one in white (with black belts). These straps are adjustable to suit the size of your head. Another interesting design points is a soft sponge covering the area in contact with the eye area and provides a more comfortable use experience. Neo VR1 glasses also feature a button that has been designed to increase or decrease the volume and can also pause playback content.

Another key aspect of the design of the glasses is the use of ABS plastic type. This plastic is highly resistant to accidental bumps and improves the robustness of the Neo VR1. Moreover, greater strength is achieved in extreme temperatures. To prevent overheating smartphone too, several slots are included in the front area to help boost mobile refrigeration. All this with a light weight of 210 grams which makes their use for long periods is comfortable. The virtual reality goggles Woxter VR1 Neo will be available in the coming days for a very competitive price of 23 euros that come to every budget

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