Xbox One S

As I’m sure you will have noticed, Xbox One S does not provide any ports dedicated to Kinect, motion sensor much vaunted by Microsoft and then abandoned during the months following the launch of Xbox One. Indeed, several times boss of the Redmond company emphasized the mandatory use of the device, as to be considered the star of those hundred euro of difference between the launch price of the Xbox One and Playstation 4.

Xbox One S

Microsoft has decided to provide an explanation to the decision to completely eliminate the Kinect port to Xbox One S. Here are some steps of the press release published by the American company.

 “We wanted to make Xbox One S as small as possible, something that our fans would appreciate. To have the smallest possible shape and include an internal power supply we had to make the decision to remove the door Kinect. Kinect will still be compatible using the Xbox Kinect adapter and the experience will not change because of the different type of connection. users who have Kinect for XBO one can get a free adapter to be used with Xbox one S “.

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