Xbox Scorpio Virtual Reality

General manager of Microsoft Studios (oriented software technology giant division) Shannon Loftis, confirmed in an interview that are trying to take advantage of the time remaining until the launch of the next Xbox Scorpio to launch making the most games to new console capabilities. This is obvious, but what was not so much that has also been confirmed that the Virtual Reality can come between Microsoft plans yet.

It is somewhat strange that in a market that is currently very focused on virtual reality (at least so by hardware manufacturers and software) a giant like Microsoft claims that the VR does not enter into their plans. “We do not want virtual reality distracts us,” were the words of Loftis about it.

Xbox Scorpio

By the mouth of Loftis, Microsoft has confirmed they are working very hard for the next games company look good on Xbox One and Xbox One S, but they look great on the next Xbox Scorpio (which, incidentally, it has taken this name as the project is called project Scorpio, but the name is not confirmed yet and probably will be different at the end), and do not want the development of virtual reality distract them from their goal.


In fact, Phil Spencer himself confirmed that the company is not interested in virtual reality at the moment, and prefer to focus on the user to enjoy the best gaming experience with their Xbox. This sounds strange, because although it is not virtual reality as such, remember that Hololens is one of the most important projects that Microsoft has in hand today.

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