Xeon Phi 7290

Although we are far from 1000 Core processor designed Xeon Phi 7290California, the new Intel Xeon Phi 7920 is beyond compare and is preparing to enter the market as one of the top performing solutions views. As you know, the Xeon Phi is more precisely a co-processor, created especially for server applications, and in general in all those areas where you need a lot of computing power.

Turning to the specific, the 7920 integrates 72 cloccati Core 1.5 GHz, with 16 gigabytes of memory HBM1 offering a bandwidth of 490 GB / s.

Along with this top model, the company will release three versions: Xeon Phi 7250 (68 Core / 16GB HBM1), Xeon Phi 7230 (Core 64) and Xeon Phi 7210 (always 64 cores and 16GB HBM1 with downcloccate frequencies); for all the models, the maximum power consumption is 260 Watts.

We should see the new Xeon Phi on the market by September; needless to say that the prices are very high, with a peak of well $ 6,294 for 7920.

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