Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Pro Snapdragon 821

Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Pro is one of the new smartphones that adopt the new SoC Snapdragon 821 Qualcomm with other terminals as Zenfone 3 Deluxe ASUS, at least that’s what they say the latest leaks relating to the specifications of this terminal.

In principle, it is expected that the My Note 2 Pro, besides this SoC, include a 5.5-inch screen AMOLED panel with 1920 x 1080 pixels and 4 to 6 GB of RAM with up to 128GB UFS internal memory 2.0. We do not know whether it will have the possibility of extension, although Xiaomi policy in this regard is not very friendly to offer expansion options.

Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Pro Snapdragon 821

The Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Pro will come with a Snapdragon 821 according to the latest leaks, Image 1

the integration of a 12-megapixel camera with an aperture of f / 2.0 and an optical stabilizer four-axis system is also expected. It will arrive during the summer and all will be fed with a generous 3,700 mAh battery

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