Xiaomi Mi Note 2

When we are speaking of Xiaomi, the attention of the galloping technology lovers to a level that is very difficult to distinguish between reality and expectations. Especially when it comes to rumors and not of official statements. It is, therefore, with the benefit of the doubt that we take the latest rumors about the future release of the Mi Note 2 and Mi5S.

We start from the first device, the Mi Note 2, or the new phablet home intended to be presented in July. The latest rumors, in this regard, agree that this device will be clocked in three versions, namely standard, high and top-end. The standard variant should have a single rear camera, a quick charge (Quick Charge 2.0), and a chip for high-quality audio (HiFi) while the “hight” version should be equipped with either a double rear photo sensor that a system of Super-fast charging (Quick charge 3.0, we assume).

And the variant of “top-end”? Simply said, in this case, the Mi Note 2 might have a display version Edge (so as to be a kind of I Edge, the first smartphone with curved display company directed by Hugo Barra). Wanting to complete any technical details of the Mi Note 2, we must – by force – to rely on the likely hypothesis on Weibo it is said, for some time, that the first smartphone to mount a Snapdragon 821 processor will be a Xiaomi. It can be one of the variants present here I Notes 2?

 Xiaomi Mi Note 2

In any case, the RAM may be 4 GB on the basic version, and 6 GB on most versions thrusts, while the display will almost certainly be a 5.7-inch Full HD (likely with a resolution at least jump to the Edge version).

Let the Mi5S. The latest rumors would like the Xiaomi to work even on a new top of the range phone, precisely the Xiaomi Mi5S, which could present a full metal body and some of Qualcomm SoC: thanks to the latter, it would follow – a legacy – a ultrasonic sensor of fingerprints and the support to a double rear camera. The display should be like that of MI5, which is a 15.5-inch Full HD, but with 3D technology touch-sensitive touch: RAM, finally, would be attested up to 6 GB. technical details that have puzzled more than one expert saw that between E4 and E5 has passed, after all, too little time for Xiaomi can already release a version of its top so enhanced telephone range.

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