Xiaomi Mi5

We had suspected that Xiaomi will also introduce the new Mi5 smartphone at a major event last week, but instead there was the larger Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. When comes the sequel to the Xiaomi Mi4, was not officially revealed, but rumor has it that the Mi5 with the new Snapdragon 820 high-end CPU from mid-February will be available.

Xiaomi Mi5

After the presentation of Redmi Note 3 Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun was asked about the whereabouts of MI5. Of course, he wanted to make any concrete statements, but said that the upcoming smartphone, it was worth waiting for. However, Lei Jun admitted that he already using the Mi5 itself. That alone is a clear indication that it no longer should last until the official launch time. Meanwhile, an analyst in China has published that the Xiaomi Mi5 to be sold to the Chinese New Year (9th-02.13.2016) and then it should also be available in large quantities.
The specifications of the Xiaomi Mi5 are still largely unknown, but it seems certain that it with a 5.2-inch FullHD display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 8-core processor, 4 GB of RAM, 16/64 GB of storage and 3000 mAh strong Battery will come. The CPU may be one of the reasons for the delay, because this has just been introduced and only first smartphone so early 2016 at the earliest expected. Further details of the Xiaomi Mi5 such as the camera is still unknown, but there are rumors that it will be very thin (only a little more than 5 mm thick – normal are currently around 7 mm).

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun had also stated that the development cycles the Chinese manufacturers will be shorter in the future in order to bring future smartphones to market quickly can. Until now, it took 12 to 18 months from one model to the successor. They want to continue to focus primarily on the Chinese market, but also advance the business in India, Indonesia and Brazil. For other markets such as Japan, North America or Europe, it will take some more time, according to the Xiaomi CEO until you get there a foot in the door.

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