Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

The well-established range redmi is a very attractive offer from Xiaomi which attracts users looking smartphone from premium look and affordable label. The Xiaomi redmi Note 4 is the next generation phablet the range to which the brand is currently working. In this article we collect all the information about hardware and software of the phablet leaked so far.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

The brand confirmed on Weibo the formalization of two new devices at an event to be held on July 27. Which one of these is precisely the redmi Note 4? To know more about fast forward to the output and price!

Directly from Weibo, China’s popular social network, come to us the first images of redmi Notes 4. Nothing renders or improvised sketck, this time it comes to photos showing the real body of what should be the future phablet. The images show a sleek aluminum body, curved at the sides, only interrupted by two horizontal lines probably made of plastic.

xiaomi redmi notes 4 back
Redmi Notes 4 with dual-chamber! / © Weibo
You’ve probably noticed the double objective on the body, which replaces the fingerprint reader instead shown by redmi Notes 3 in the same spot. Below we find instead the brand’s logo. Returning to the biometric sensor, they are no leaked images of the front panel but it is precisely here that could be placed, at the home button.

However, they can glimpse the volume buttons and power, all located along the right side and seemingly all within easy reach. So within that, especially in the first picture, there does not seem to have anything to do with a phablet, but rather of a smartphone with the display no wider than 5 inches.

Unfortunately there are not many numbers in our knowledge regarding the hardware of redmi Notes 4. We hope of course that the upcoming phablet exceed the previous generation, it is therefore spoken of a RAM between 3 and 4GB, or both possibilities depending on the model, and a Qualcomm SoC processor.

The battery of redmi Note 3 showed a significant upgrade compared to that of his predecessor, thus for the Notes 4 expect an impressive capacity of 4000 mAh. But above all, we hope that the numbers then correspond to autonomy and guarantee us at least 2 full days of use, if not three.

The Director of Media Xiaomi, Lu, has revealed on Weibo that during an event scheduled for July 27, will be two devices revealed. Unfortunately it did not specify what will be the new gems to get on the stage, but one of them could be the long-awaited redmi Note 4 as the deleted characters in the post are just three. With regard to the second device instead it could be the first Xiaomi Notebook. Unfortunately we have no certain information, but hopefully we can finally discover the first smartphone with dual camera of the Chinese brand!

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