Xigmatek Tyr SD1264B

Xigmatek has unveiled the new review of its Tyr (SD1264B) heatsink, a tower-type heatsink that stands out for its great compatibility with RAM of any size and arrangement, and for its great efficiency despite its size.

We are not dealing with a high-end heatsink, this is known by the manufacturer and proof of this is that the new Tyr is only compatible with Intel LGA115X and AMD AM3 + and FM2 + sockets, but not with high-end LGA2011v3 processors as their TDP is too high. We are therefore facing a heatsink that is quite efficient but for processors of at most 95 watts of TDP.


The Xigmatek Tyr features a tower-like design with four copper heatpipes that make direct contact with the processor’s IHS and are welded to a block of aluminum foil for better heat dissipation. The manufacturer has put together a few more sheets to improve the layout of the lower area so that it is compatible with any type of RAM, and has also renewed the fan that incorporates with the set. This is 120 mm, with speed control via PWM, and is able to rotate between 600 and 2000 RPM emitting only between 28 and 38 dBA noise, generating up to 59 CFM airflow.

On the other hand, Xigmatek includes an accessory called “speed adapter”, which is basically a cable with an integrated resistance that reduces the voltage of the fan, so we will limit its maximum speed in half (from 600 to 1000 RPM). Of course the fan also incorporates LED lighting in red.

At the moment the manufacturer has not released the release date nor the price.

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