Xperia F8331 Sony Xperia XR

Recently my partner Jordi I spoke of a leak that left us with his mouth open, it seemed that Sony was planning to launch a device he had not spoken at all and was known by the nickname F8331. However, analysts around the world are beginning to connect the dots to reach the conclusion that the Xperia F8331 could be called Sony Xperia XR, a device if it was mentioned by Sony and arrive exactly during this year’s IFA 2016, which it will be held in the German capital, Berlin.

Xperia F8331 Sony Xperia XR

In view of the photos that were leaked, we find a peculiar device, quite rare and different from what Sony has accustomed us with its Xperia range, dispensing more than glass and advocating aluminum, with a dual LED flash with light shade and yellow. As for other details, it seems that the front will have a curved glass, which line the curved sides give a very elegant touch. However, the four corners of the device if they seem quite narrow, and the top and bottom fairly flat. On the side, we can also see the fingerprint reader from Sony, in a different tone.

As for the features unconfirmed, we would find a port charging through USB-C, like almost all new devices, without leaving the jack of 3.5 mm. The screen will go FullHD 1080p, while the camera if it will be able to record video in 4K and photos to 13MP, the reality is that Sony usually do pretty well as far as camera lenses and sensors. The rumors also predict a screen of 5.1 inches and Android operating system, this last point is quite obvious. The processor, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 and 3GB of RAM.

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