Yamaha HPH-PRO300

They enter the newly released August with an offer of unmatched summer. And these headphones Yamaha are on the market at a discount of 90 euros.

One of the great catalog of Yamaha
The vast number of products in the catalogs of major international companies and their peculiar nomenclature makes it difficult for us to establish such close ties as we have with a car or a high-end mobile phone. For the HPH-PRO300 Yamaha are one those products stars ravaging its close value, strong performance and, what is more difficult: A WOM unsurpassed. That is what very long ago that your products are positioned in the market.

They jumped into the fray for his incredible system attenuation of noise, which virtually getting a hundred percent elimination of it. In fact, Yamaha did not recommend use it for cycling (in some Spanish Autonomous Communities is forbidden to drive a bike with headphones). They are also very light and thanks to its articulated design are very easy to carry when we are not using them.

The rebates come to Yamaha
Almost five years after his arrival in the national market, Yamaha HPH-PRO300 a discount campaign for almost 50% discount from the price that has usually been fit these years. A reduction falling from 189 to 99 euros. A bargain. This offer is not in a specific and corresponds to a specific promotion of a commercial area wanting liberal online store.

Yamaha HPH-PRO300
yamaha_hph-pro300_5 02

It is a business strategy of the Japanese company that can find from now on dozens of online stores as well as specialty shops.

Is it worth this offer?
Absolutely. If the price of HPH-PRO300 Yamaha was already quite interesting if your pocket could afford at the time, with 90 euros of savings by the offer seems as irresistible.

As usual in these cases, the actual draft of this operation is unknown. But most likely case of a drop to output the last batch of stock and make way for a new model for the next Christmas season. Despite being a high performance product, we are talking about hearing technology in 2012, so despite the international success of this model, its natural life cycle of five years has come to an end. Even so if you are someone who does not want to miss a good product at a great price but not be leading the market in terms of innovation, Yamaha HPH-PRO300 is a very interesting product.

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