Yamaha WX-030

Yamaha has introduced new sound systems, which have been specially designed for music online. In the case of Yamaha WX-030 and Yamaha Mini Restio ISX80 with which you can acclimate entire house with the melodies from the computer, or Internet Radio Spotify, among other possible sources.

Yamaha Mini Restio ISX80

Yamaha WX-030

This model has two double two-way speakers to provide good audio with powerful and large bass and clear, well-defined treble. It also has a radio tuner with preset six FM stations and an auxiliary input for direct connection to any external source. Also, the model allows access to 6 presets Internet directly from the remote control.

Regarding its design, it highlights its square body, with dimensions of 30 cm x 30 cm, and the rear support including so it can be placed anywhere. This model, which is marketed under remote control, can be purchased for 399 euros in official points of the brand.

New Yamaha sound systems for music Internet

Yamaha WX-030

Meanwhile, this model is more thought to be a good complement to any audio source. Within its technical specifications, highlighted by the two-way system with nine centimeters speaker and dome tweeter four centimeters. It also has a passive radiator to boost the bass tones. And, another of its peculiarities is that the user can access from your app from your smartphone or tablet loa to listen to your favorite audio or access to a radio.

In terms of design, it features compact dimensions of 24.3 cm × 15.6 cm × 11.5 cm and weighs 2.2 kg. It is released in two colors: white or black. Its retail price is 269 euros and, likewise, can be found at the authorized outlets of the brand.

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