Yashi Mybook 360

In our last trips abroad, we have seen that notebooks with folding hinges 360 degrees have now become a proposed fixed in manufacturers’ price. We do not refer only to the best-known brands there, like Lenovo with its laptop in the Yoga series launched this form factor, or ASUS and Dell over the last Computex presented new portable folding, but also to OEM manufacturers and Chinese ODM.

The special feature of this notebook is, in fact, in the hinge that allows the display to rotate 360 ​​degrees around the cardinals: with the screen completely reversed the notebook takes a very convenient tablet configuration for touch or for handwriting with stylus pen , but you can stop at the lower rotation angles, enabling even the so-called “tent” and “stand” mode. The hinges of such technology had long been closed to Chinese manufacturers, both for reasons of protection of industrial property both intrinsic technical difficulties, but now this know-how has become more accessible and so did the local system integrators can now offer this concept on their notebook.

Yashi Mybook 360 3

Yashi Mybook 360 2

Yashi Mybook 360

Among the first in Italy we announce the Yashi MyBook 360 with size 13.3 “and Wintel platform. Premise that, judging from the official images, we feel that the hinge of the MyBook 360 permits so the rotation to 360, but does not allow place it completely flat screen when the laptop is opened to 180 ° is a little ‘air below the display lid a little’ as they did in earlier generations of Lenovo Yoga notebook. it’s nothing serious, just a minor inconvenience that it was corrected by Lenovo and other manufacturers in the subsequent evolution of this technology.

The IPS screen is a 13.3 “full HD resolution, 16:10 aspect ratio and a capacitive digitizer 10 points and is perfect to ensure an appropriate use of time in clamshell mode while in tablet mode. The frame has a reduced thickness but still enough room to house an HDMI output and two full-size USB ports. the most interesting of Yashi MyBook 360, however, is the integrated 3G mobile connectivity with the advantage of connecting to the Internet to collaborate on the move even without WiFi hotspot.

The hardware platform is based on a very reliable Intel Atom Z8300-X5 “Cherry Trail” made with the manufacturing process to 14 nm. It is not a recent processor, but remains one of the best solutions for this type of device, because it combines the processing power of four cores to low consumption. The amounts to 4GB onboard memory and storage is a 128GB SSD that delivers very fast boot times. It is not much, because the operating system is Windows 10, but you can expand the storage capacity through microSD cards.

Yashi MyBook 360 converted into tabletLa cover the MyBook 360 with Yashi logo
MyBook 360 is powered by a battery 10000mAh, which might seem inadequate when compared with high-capacity batteries of some Chinese smartphone, but it’s still good enough to power the device for a whole day (by convention means equal to 8 hours) . The figure is to be verified because it was provided directly from the manufacturer, but we must consider that the frame of the MyBook 360 would be weighed down by a more capacious battery, and then share the choice made by Yashi.
We conclude this first contact with the Mybook 360 with good news: the described configuration is priced at only € 489 including VAT, without customs clearance costs which instead have to bear if purchased from the Chinese shop, and with 2 years warranty on center!

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