Yashi Nucky mini-PC Pico ITX fanless

The name refers to Intel NUC, and in fact Yashi Nucky has a form factor similar if not interior to that of the popular compact PCs made in Santa Clara. According declares Yashi fact Nucky hosts a Pico-ITX motherboard, a form factor encoded by 100x72mm, which is a cross between 101x101mm Intel NUC and 101x63mm Intel Mini Lake.
Pico ITX is a format that was actively sponsored by VIA in the past, but despite this Yashi Nucky relies on Intel processors, starting with the cheapest models with architecture Bay Trail to those top of the line Core i7 processors with 4th generation Haswell . The configuration type, Nucky 5, is positioned halfway with an Intel Core i5-4200U 2.8GHz, 4GB of DDR3 1600MHz and 120GB of storage on SSD SATA3. On the site of Yashi’s even a configurator with which you can customize the machine with up to 8GB of RAM, 480GB of solid state storage and a variety of editions of Microsoft Windows. The starting price is 499 € but you can easily reach 700 € with the BTO options.

But if you do not need to run demanding applications and mostly you need a mini-PC for economic naigare on the Internet or watching a movie, you can fall back on the entry level model that at a price of € 245 including VAT, will offer Intel Bay Trail and Windows 10 for Bing.
Yashi with Nucky also debuts a new design concept that the House called Italian Ice-Tech, a new aesthetic paradigm made possible by production technologies and materials that are used to create objects with impeccable style, with clean lines ideal for any environment. Ice-Tech design involves the use of materials such as aluminum, specialty polymers, plexiglass, but also means that Yashi has paid particular attention to the thermal profiles and consumption, creating machines with very low noise.
With Nucky debuts Design Ice-Tech

Some configurations of Yashi Nucky fact are completely fanless, no fans, while other systems employ active cooling fan with optimized low impact in terms of decibels. The silence accompanied by compact dimensions, with volumes of between 0.3 and 1.4 liters, allows PC Nucky to disappear from view, perhaps hooking behind the monitor via VESA.
PosterioreCi side interfaces are also other ports on the right side
Yashi Nucky more than a series of mini-PC is then a new brand which includes several families of products, some of which will be targeted at professional applications with special chassis and Ethernet or serial interfaces for industrial automation, process control, logistics, management of stores.

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