Yashi Nucky Mini PC

Yashi updates its family of Mini PC Nucky with a new model, ultra-compact personal productivity and home-office, for every budget. His name is simply Nucky and, compared to the many versions that preceded it, this computer changes both inside and out: no longer has a unibody aluminum frame with fins to facilitate heat dissipation, such as Nucky of 3S or Nucky F5, but a metal case and a very stylish black cover. The most important changes, however, are inside.

Yashi Nucky (NY105) integrates a quad-core Intel Atom Z8300 processor-X5 (Cherry Trail) from 1.84GHz, 2GB of RAM and 64GB of eMMC storage expandable with a slot for microSD cards up to 128GB, with Windows 10. Connectivity makes use of audio jacks, 4 USB 2.0 ports for connecting peripherals and external memory, an HDMI video output to connect external monitors and display and a VGA to use older screens with significant savings for companies that need to renew the installed base. On board also a WiFi 802.11n, Bluetooth 4.0 and an RJ-45 port for wired connections.
Nucky measures just 107 x 107 x 25 mm (235 grams), is suitable for several uses and has nothing to envy to a classic entry-level desktops. Easily installed and transportable anywhere, Nucky can also be placed on the back of the monitor with the optional VESA bracket and then hidden from view.
It ‘also a personal productivity position, suitable for EDP managers are looking for solutions, easy to maintain and affordable total cost of ownership thanks to the competitive cost and low power consumption. Manageable as a user station in corporate networks or temporary installations such as construction sites, temporary offices, desks for events or fairs, Yashi Nucky is therefore suitable fanless Mini PC also to particularly quiet environments. The high integration of the components allows to use a fanless cooling system, with advantages in the maintenance (lower accumulation of dust), further reduced power consumption, absolute containment of noises with a computer noise at 0dB.

Yashi Nucky (NY105) is already on sale on the official website of the company at a price of 245 Euros (VAT included).

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