ASUS, having recently announced that it had extended to the entire 2016 its special guarantee ZenCare +, already available for all new tablet and smartphone ZenPad ZenFone from September, is announcing that it has extended its amazing coverage throughout the year course also to all models of the following product families: notebooks, All-in-One, Zenwatch and selected models of desktop category.

It is a special guarantee totally free and unique in the market that protects the investment in the first 12 months of purchase by protecting against accidental damage or technical defects.
In the first 365 days from the date of purchase, in case of technical defect, the product will be repaired and it will be entitled to compensation equal to the price paid to acquire the device; in the event of accidental damage caused by dropping, water damage to the shells or the display, however, the customer will receive a new device of the same or equivalent.

To qualify for ASUS ZenCare + we must remember, after buying one of the products in question, to activate the warranty on the dedicated website within 15 days.
The guarantee ZenCare + demonstrates the confidence that ASUS puts in the quality and robustness of its products and the company’s desire to pass on to customers as much security and tranquility in the purchase phase. ASUS customers can so calmly deal shopping without worries or concerns related to daily use.

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