Zotac Cozee Mini Gateway

Smart Home Cozee line Zotac consists of three devices whose function is to maintain different devices and home systems to centrally control from anywhere.

All three products are Cozee Zotac Mini Gateway, Cozee Smart Sensor Plug and Cozee. The first is the “brain” of all devices and is responsible for connecting and receive data from all connected devices over WiFi and Zigbee network connectivity, a standard used in home automation and IoT. Through Smart Home app Cozee it is possible to control and monitor all devices connected to the Mini Gateway.

The Cozee Smart Plug is a plug that monitors the energy consumed can be programmed paaa activated at specific times or also connect and disconnect power remotely from the app.


Finally, the Cozee sensor is, as its name suggests, a sensor multipurpose that can detect humidity, temperature, brightness luza and movement, so that it can serve as a thermostat, dimmer, alarm , etc…

At the moment there are no data on its price or arrival in Spain.

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