ZOTAC GTX 1080 ArcticStorm

Zotac has launched its new graphics card based on NVIDIA GeForce 1080 GTX. ArcticStorm 1080 GTX comes with speeds of 1,632 MHz base and boost that puts 1,771 MHZ with its 8 GB of memory GDDR5X 10,000 MHz effective speed. It is powered by two 8 Pin connectors to a consumption of about 180W

Its cooling system, as we discussed, uses liquid as a method to transfer heat from the card into a radiator. In this case there is a card that includes its own circuit, but is a graph with a block of RL we have to connect to a circuit preassembled using fittings G1 / 4 tube holder 10 mm inner diameter .
ZOTAC GTX 1080 ArcticStorm
ZOTAC 1080 GTX ArcticStorm liquid-cooled, Image 1

Uses a copper block microchannel 0.3mm to improve heat transfer along the entire card, and includes a metal backplate on the back.

A decorative level, includes a lighting system LED Spectra. At the moment its official price for Spain is not known.

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