Zotac ZBOX Magnus, mini PC GeForce Series 10

Zotac International has announced the update to its line of mini PCs ZBOX Magnus to become the first mini PCs in the world to feature NVIDIA Pascal, making them turn and as a result the most potent Gaming to date.

The new ZBOX Magnus is a complete computer quite a small shelter according to the manufacturer is specially designed for Gaming at 4K resolution, so we are basically at a candidate to become Steam Machine. If the most powerful family before had a graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 desktop, these new updated models will feature GTX 1070 and even GTX 1080. Logical, because they are more powerful and yet consume less and are heated less, so in fact they are ideal for mini PCs Gaming.

Zotac ZBOX The Magnus have a very small size (210mm x 203mm x 52.5mm) and yet the full power of a desktop PC. They are equipped with the latest Intel processors Skylake, up to 32 GB DDR4 RAM, solid state device in M.2 format and another 2.5 inches, and the aforementioned graphics cards NVIDIA Pascal Series 10. In any case, hardware configuration varies depending on what the user choose when purchasing your computer.
Zotac ZBOX Magnus, mini PC GeForce Series 10 2

Zotac ZBOX Magnus, mini PC GeForce Series 10
Magnus ZBOX

Logically, these new Magnus Zotac ZBOX sell as mini PCs oriented virtual reality systems, and for this they have power to spare. The device supports up to four monitors simultaneously through a combination of HDMI and DisplayPort ports. Also notable for its connectivity, it has several USB 3.0 and even USB 3.1 ports with Type-C reversible connector that provides up to 10 Gbps of bandwidth.

As in previous versions of this equipment has a network card with two, well clear of Bluetooth 4.0 to use it remotely with wireless peripherals including the Steam Controller Gigabit RJ-45 connectors and WiFi 802.11ac.

Yes, the manufacturer has not yet revealed the date on which the new equipment will be available or at what price. In respect of the latter depends on the hardware configuration chosen, but in any case it will count upon quite expensive as it is logical

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