ZTE Axon Mini

The Axon Mini ZTE is one of the proposals to better balance you will find on the market. A terminal that moves on the border between the midrange premium and the top model with numerous attractions to dazzle the audience. Starting with its Full HD screen 5.2 inch Touch Force, able to recognize the level of pressure exerted on the glass technology. And continuing with its attractive design that combines metal with two strips of leather on the back to give it a unique touch. And all this with a good battery in our tests allowed us to use the computer for a day and a half without charge. If you want to share your Internet connection with ZTE Axon Mini, you have all the options available and let you link to your full the final analysis.

In this terminal, the Asian company has decided to divide the access to the different options for sharing the connection in two different menus. The two are accessed via the menu “Settings”. This panel is divided into two tabs, one for frequently used settings called “common” and the other for the rest of options called “Everyone”. You click on the second and then we see that the fourth option is “Pto. Wi-Fi “. From here you can enable or disable at any time the action with the button on the right. To configure it, we press on the name and then on the pencil icon in the lower right.

Connection Sharing in the ZTE Axon Mini

Set WiFi access point: Settings → All → Pto Wi-Fi → Pencil icon.

In this panel we have the option to set the network name and password default. You only have to press in each box and type the new name and the new password. Speaking of the key, it is necessary that our password is at least eight characters. If you press on the three points aligned vertically at the top right you can access the “Advanced Settings”. The benefit is set the policy of suspending access point, the time it takes to disconnect this function if we are not using.

Once you have configured everything, simply we activate or deactivate the access point in the panel settings. On the other hand, if we want to benefit from free mobile directly via USB or Bluetooth is necessary to return the panel “All” in “Settings” and press on the “More”

Use the phone as a modem: Settings → All → More → Tethering by USB (enable)

In the case of connection via USB, the only requirement is to have the mobile connected directly via cable to the computer. Then we activate the “USB tethering” option. Finally, the option to share the Internet connection via Bluetooth is the one that probably never will use. This is an option that, once connected, transmits the signal directly via Bluetooth. It is designed for older computers that do not already have WiFi, but the speed is very slow and we have to be mobile fairly close. Furthermore, network security is nonexistent.

Bluetooth Connection Sharing: Settings → All → More → Tethering by Bluetooth (enable)

Comprehensive analysis of ZTE Axon Mini

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