ZTE Nubia X8

The Chinese multinational ZTE could be preparing to launch a new smartphone that would be presented during the first months of 2016. All indications are that we would be talking about the new ZTE Nubia X8, a device that has already been featured in numerous rumors and leaks to Over the past year, but now it could be formally submitted. If the rumors are confirmed, we are talking about a whole phablet screen 6.4 inch Quad HD resolution, Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 820 and 4,500 milliamps battery capacity to end the day without recharging.

ZTE Nubia X8 2

ZTE Nubia X8

ZTE Nubia X8

ZTE is one of the Chinese manufacturers are getting a foothold in the market for mid-range smartphones, gaining ground to the traditional brands like Samsung, LG and Motorola, and becoming a significant piece of the pie. The firm already noted in 2015 with the release of the Z9 Nubia, Z9 and Z9 Mini Max. Specifically, the ZTE Nubia Z9 struck by its metallic and elegant design that is characterized by its almost nonexistent under the sides of the screen, giving it a modern, streamlined look.

Now, having shown the new Nubia Z11 at the CES show being held this week in Las Vegas, it seems that ZTE would not be satisfied with this latest release, but would be considering filing a new device during the first months 2016, this being the rumored new Nubia X8. This has already starred phablet other leaks over the past year 2015, and have even appeared numerous unofficial images that advance how it could be their final design. So, as all this information seems to be that the new ZTE Nubia X8 is characterized mainly by its major. And with a screen of no less than 6.44 inches, this new device can appropriate the name phablet as a screen this size will be able to replace any seven-inch tablet market.

Like the Z9, the new Nubia X8 would have a luxurious design thanks to its metal body, but this time the frames of the screen may be more visible than in the Z9. As for the rest of their technical characteristics, the large 6.5-inch screen would offer almost Quad HD resolution (2,560 x 1,440 pixels), which would be an image density of about 456 pixels per inch. For processor would be used to the new chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, and battery charge of providing energy would have a capacity of 4,500 milliamps. Although so far no exact date of the new ZTE Nubia X8 is known, the Chinese multinational has scheduled for next Monday, January 18 event, so it may be then that the X8 is shown to the media. There will also wait for the next presentation to confirm the details of this new phablet, so we will look to update these details

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